Plan Tidy A0 Plan Hangers

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The Plan Tidy A0 Plan Hanger is designed to Tidy away your Plans!

These can be used with The Plan Tidy! A0 Trolley or Wall Carrier

Each Plan Hanger uses a clamping system to clamp typically 20-50 drawings together. File away your drawings by project, building or build area - it's up to you.

The Plan Tidy A0 Plan Hanger can accommodate all drawing sizes: A0, A1, & A2

General Features:

  • A0 Size - 841mm wide
  • Robust aluminium construction
  • Compatible with the Planmate System
  • Keep drawings tidy
  • Clear space in your office
  • Protect drawings from damage
  • Great for builders, architects, engineers etc

Money Back Guarantee + Plan Tidy 10 Year Warranty

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